Customer Feedback


“Buy CC Shop Money” is one of the few real and legit sellers. They handle the deals like a big company. Let me say they are the Amazon of DW. Often now I read some libelous spam that they are scam. Thats only bullshit from jealous competitors. Only successful and great sellers expect this. You guys are both. Thank you for be real.

Ulf P

I had many problems and running out of money. My first order with you change my life. Now its all good.


Your service is awesome. Thank you for the fast delivery.


Hey, you bring me trust in mankind back. All of your clone credit cards are valid and working. I buy in web.


Fast shipping, two days it came, blanks are extra thick, and encoder software is great. Number one seller!


Just bought three cards from this shop, super professional, I give him a good feedback! Package came very quick, and the datas cards are of high quality. Customer service was fast and professional too!

Mikkel J.

Finally a legit vendor on the darknet, bought a virtual cards, some tracks and he even went out of his way to show me how to use them without charging me a fee! Spot on! A+ Seller.


Really impressive! bought several cards over the last months and was never dissapointed!

Slavka Bulgaria

Bought three cards a few days ago. They arrived immediately and the first thing I did was: shopping!!!!!!!!!! Im very happy with all my stuff.


These guys are very serious! I made lots and lots and lots and lots of deals with them and was never disappointed. They are very patient and try to please my wishes. Just ask them and they will answer!


WOW! What can I say? I was very sceptic at first but the contact was really nice and they answered all my questions. After a few mails I ordered one big WU transfer. Worked everything smooth and fine.


First thing that was important for me is to make this deal possible careful.Like how these guys work: they always find a solution!


I really love these guys! You wanna know why? Cause they know how to make good and working cards with bunch of money! So don’t be a fool and buy buy buy!


Sorry for my english. I live in poor country and the food on table for all family and my five children is happiness. I should work 3 times a day to feed them. I saved 100$ and bought card and I got and bought again. Now I have money and my children have food. Happy!

Maria Omo

If living in africa it not easy to get money from outside. I ask other vendors. Buy CC was the first able to sent me 4000$. Its very safe and fast done. I mentioned their service and will use it again. God bless you, Marina.


I was very sceptic because I was scammed many times before. It took a bit longer with WU (5 hours). But balance is right and they have a fast customer service 🙂 Will buy again


These guys are my new favourite cc suppliers! A+ service


Safe, fast and serious 😉 made one order and it arrived in time.


Just got my card shipped to the middle east, works well. They all work and have pulled out over $1,900! Legit


Bought the encoder soft, and the vendor actually helped me get the tracks on the card! 5/5


I bought 10 CC from here. Fast shipment. Will buy again. Thank you.


I never believe in this WU Transfers. Why someone should throw money away. Since I know “Buy CC Shop Money” and understand the system I have ordered several times. I make my luxury living from this. Its easy.

element 07

Friendy and fast support. That is not always in darknet.