1. How do I order clone credit cards?

  • choose the credit card package
  • make the payment to the Bitcoin Wallet which is provided to you
  • email me the delivery details where we must send your credit card (contact form)
  • after confirmation of the payment we will ship the credit cards the same day

1.1. I don’t have a bitcoin wallet

You can pay in any way, Bitcoin exchanges, for example https://bitcoin.org/en/exchanges

2. Which payments do you accept?

At the moment we ONLY accept Bitcoins and Paypal

3. Do you accept ESCROW?

No! In due of the use of fraud Escrow Services we not longer accept this. We offer a free replacement service if any transaction or postage delivery get lost. We do this until our customer will be satisfied.

4. What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoin is a virtual money transfer system. The currency is called Bitcoin (BTC).

You can get your own Bitcoin Wallet (=Bitcoin Account) at: www.blockchain.info

Make a money transfer from your Bank Account to your Bitcoin Wallet e.g. with: www.btcdirect.eu or www.anycoindirect.eu

5. How to buy without SMS confirmation?

Many stores sell a product without requiring a confirmation via SMS, for example amazon.com. Requires the card number / name name / date / csv.

6. How can I contact you?

If you have additional questions feel free to contact us at:

[email protected]

7. Do you have other websites or shops?


We have some customers act as RESELLER. It may be that they have their own shops with similar offers. But they don’t connect with us and we don’t deliver for them. They are complete independent.

8. Do not contact us, when you have the following questions/topics:

  • If you can’t pay and we should send you a credit card for free and after that you will pay us. We don’t do that! So don’t ask!
  • If you want to make payments other then Bitcoins. We only accept Bitcoins at the moment.
  • If you want to know how we get the credit card data or any insider information

Thank your for your understanding!